Company Profile


Crypto is in the high technology consumer electronics market.

Our goal is to offer advanced technological products, stylish, full featured, premium quality and with an excellent value for money.  Our Company, is honored to be recognized by our customers for our commitment towards delivering the very best in pre-sales and after sales support.

Crypto's workforce is the key factor behind its three decades successful course, which led us on our journey into exporting our products beyond Greece, in the European market.

Our company employs a highly experienced team, consisting of professionals who are considered "top-notch" in their area of expertise. Crypto, uses and continually invests in the latest technology and continually upgrades its systems infrastructure.

We are proud of our past, confident of our present and excited about our future. We are deeply committed to meeting the needs of our customers and consistently focus on customer satisfaction, as we understand that this is the key for any further development of our company